“There is no such thing as ‘away’. When we throw anything away it must go somewhere”
- Annie Leonard

Made to not last

All of our products are packaged in fully biodegradable & compostable kraft paper cardboard boxes. From the ink we use on our labels to the lining of our aluminium lids we are meticulous at ensuring nothing ever needs to end up in landfill. Throw our cardboard boxes in with your garden compost and watch it slowly disappear...

Recycle, Refill, Repurpose

Our packaging is designed to be reusable in every way storage, teeny plant pots (cute). The glass and aluminium containers can be recycled indefinitely meaning one of our toothpaste jars could make its way back to us at some point....awwww!

Zero To Landfill

Landfills are made up of all kinds of trash that could have been handled or disposed of in a different way. Much of the burden placed on landfills is completely unnecessary, but most of us are often otherwise unfamiliar with their options or how to recycle everyday items. In our quest to be fully sustainable we created the Zero To Landfill scheme.

Thank you TerraCycle

Some of components, like our Toothbrush heads are recyclable with TerraCycle via our Z.T.L scheme box to help recycle what local councils and centres cannot. TerraCycle separates them into fibres such as wood and coated paper, plastics and other materials. These fibres are recycled into new paper products, or composted if recycling is not possible.