Our team

Without our hard working team we just couldn't get through the day...we love you team georganics.

Production Operative


Rad is Georganics production operative, he fills the glass jars with our products, he also makes our products in the factory. Rad is very passionate about Ancient Cultures, Experimenting in the Kitchen and Water Ball. Rad has a masters degree in public administration. Very exciting fact about Rad is that he nearly helped excavate the Bosnian pyramids (was stopped at the border because of covid). Rad's favourite movie is The Terminal.

      Packing & Labelling Operative


      Andy is Georganics packaging and labelling operative, he is very busy in the factory with placing the products into our kraft boxes to be delivered.

      Andy loves socialising and eating curry. Andy has a keen interest in French late Renaissance Art and Opera. Excitingly Andy has met Royalty but it's a secret which one! He apparently looked like Sean Mcguire when he was younger.

        Sales Director 


        She develops our Sales Strategy thinking creatively about how we can reach more people and help the planet with our products. She also loves building strong relationships with our key customers whilst coordinating and supporting our team.

        Piedad is very passionate about art and beautiful things. She started dancing flamenco at the age of 3 and later on choreographed lots of events when she was at University in Granada. Now her favourite thing to do in her spare time is painting with oil on canvas, a hobby that she shares with her mum and sister. 

        Sales Support


        Arran is Georganics sales support, this entails building relationships with clients in the UK and EU with wholesalers and retailers.

        Arran is a digital nomad currently living in Spain 🇪🇸 In his spare time, he is either found swimming in the sea or hiking in the mountains, when he's not working (although you'll sometimes catch him working on the beach too). His favourite animal is his dog Lulu (featured in the picture)! 

        Dispatch and Warehouse Supervisor


        Henry is Georganics dispatch and warehouse supervisor. He is always super busy putting together our trade customers orders in the warehouse.

        Henry is obsessed with clean living and sustainability. He loves football and his favourite team is Liverpool FC. He also loves films and his favourite is Good Will Hunting. Funny fact about Henry, he was once featured as a baby model for pjs awww.

              Marketing Director


              Ben is Georganics marketing director, he puts a lot of hard work into our marketing with his incredible ideas and getting our customers the best offers. He has been with the company for over 2 years and is very knowledgable about Georganics and lives the companies values everyday.

              Outside of marketing, Ben lives a sustainable lifestyle, being vegan. He is terrified of slugs but as a vegan he would never hurt one. Ben is always on the move and working on different projects, as he likes to keep busy. These projects include writing sad music and playing live shows with his band.

                Founder & Managing Director


                Alessandro is very busy and incredibly productive at Georganics! He leads product development, with all his innovative sustainable ideas, focusing on where the company is going in the future. Alessandro keeps moral at the company high, he doesn't believe in hierarchy so everyone is on the same level and important to him. 

                Alessandro is a big fan of sci-fi and Marvels movies! He dreams of a world that is more sustainable and loves coaching other entrepreneurs about going green. He lives a healthy, simple lifestyle by spending time in the sun near the sea. To keep is body and mind healthy he practises intermittent fasting and Callisthenics.